Exclusive Sneak Peak: Junksista – Promiscuous Tendencies (Album)

In this exclusive sneak peak, we take a listen to the forthcoming album Junksista – Promiscuous Tendencies.

In this edition of the sneak peak series, we are given the opportunity to check out an artist that is new to us and the site. This, of course, is Junksista.

Now, since this artist is new to us, we did some listening to some of the other tracks that this artist has produced earlier. This includes the track like Life is Unfair (And Love is a Bitch), The Truth, Electronique, Sex on a Stick, and Time. One way to describe the music is an interesting mixture of Mind.in.a.Box, Code 64/Xenturion Prime, and throw in a dash of the rock band Garbage (think of the tracks Push It and Stupid Girl). So, there is a lot of EBM and some synth pop going on here.

That brings us to the forthcoming album Promiscuous Tendencies. This forthcoming album features two CDs. The first disc is the main album featuring original works and collaborations with other artists including Essence of Mind, LayZee, Noemi Aurora from Helalyn Flowers, and Black Nail Cabaret.

The album does start with the track Monday which is featured as a preview on a number of sites. It’s ultimately a four to the floor track which features more vocoded elements like in other tracks, but with a punk rock twist to it. You can check out the bands YouTube version here:

There are other tracks that feature some of that synth pop sound like with the tracks like Control, Away With the Fairies, Bitch This is My Party, and Celebration Fornication. So, if you are interested in more of the synth pop style of music coming from Junksista, there is certainly a fair bit for you.

Of course, Promiscuous Tendencies also features some of the more of the EBM style of music as well. This includes tracks like Freak At Heart, and Burn Your Fucking House Down. So, if you are looking for more of some of the sounds that you like about Junksista, it is certainly found here in this album.

This part of the album also features some influences as well. So, if you are wondering if there is anything that is new and different, this album certainly features some of that kind of music as well.

As an example, there is a rock influence that appears throughout this album. This influence can be found in tracks like Fuck for Love and Monster.

This album also features some influences from house music. This includes electro house sounds from the track Monster. To some degree, you get a bit of this in the track Ice Cream as well.

In addition to this, there is some influences from downtempo ambient music. This can be heard in tracks like Silence and Fuck for Love.

Of course, that is the first disc. The second disc features remixes from artists like Psy’Aviah, Flesh Eating Foundation, Metroland, T-Error Machinez, and Nerd Revolt. So, essentially, it is a remix album.

There are certainly some interesting synth pop re-interpretations such as the Psy’Aviah remix of Love Makes People Stupid, the Kant Kino remix of Freak At Heart, Ananel’s Voices vs. At0shima 3rror’s remix of Control, and the Technolorgy remix of Love Makes People Stupid.

In addition to this, there is the influences of EBM being put into some of the tracks. An example of this is the Metroland remix of Freak At Heart.

What is interesting is that this remix part of the album also features influences from other genres. Probably the most unexpected genre is hardcore which is found in the XMH remix of Monday. Interestingly enough, the same track got a rock remix from T-Error Machinez. If you are into rock, you’ll easily gravitate towards the T-Error Machinez remix. If you are into hardcore, the XMH remix is an obvious choice. Both work quite well and easily hits both tastes in music.

Ambient is also present on the remix part of the album as well. This is thanks to the Flesh Eating Foundation Shiver:Quiver mix of Celebration Fornication.

Overall, there is a lot of interesting tracks to be had here. It hits on a lot of different tastes beyond that central synth pop and EBM styles Junksista is already known for. The album is due to be released on February 9th.

We would like to thank Junksista for giving us the opportunity to listen to the album.

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