Review: Proppy & Heady – The B-Side (Hardstyle)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the hardstyle track Proppy & Heady – The B-Side.

This particular track was released numerous times in the past. In this instance, we are checking out the 2010 as part of the Headhunterz ‎– Studio Sessions compilation album.

In spite of the title, this particular track is well known for being a hardstyle track with the lyrics “Put your middle fingers up in the air”. Still, it is merely called “The B-Side”.

The way that the lyrics and the overall sound of this track is laid out, it has a certain anger and don’t care about anything quality to it. While I’ve heard of plenty of pure anger tracks in the hardcore and hardstyle genre, this particular track has that distinct flavor of anger which really helps it stand out and make it memorable.

There is a simple sliding melody put into it, but there is also the pulsing of the side-chained bass that is, well, fairly common in hardcore. Still, I thought it was very well done and doesn’t get boring at all given the progression this track has. This track also has an element of production risk in that it employs the sound of a cheering audience. Some tracks I’ve heard that employ this often sound forced and artificial, but this element was not necessarily overdone and works well with the track as something that helps vary the overall sound.

Overall, I thought this was a well done track and is worth listening to.



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