Review: PotencY – Immersion (Progressive House)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive house track PotencY – Immersion.

This particular track was released in 2014 and the full track is available for free streaming.

There’s a very distinct chord melody in this track. Another prominent component of this track is the overall melody that is found on the second half of the track.

One criticism I have of this track is the fact that the beginning was a little drawn out. While the chopped chords help give the first portion some variety, it wasn’t quite enough to carry the track to the main breakdown in my opinion. If there was either an additional element to keep a little variety going or the intro portion was compressed down a little bit, I think this track would have been better.

Having said that, I think the chords and main melody in this track really made this track shine. The quieter portion after the breakdown was also really well done. I almost wished there was more to the second half of the track because I thought it was well produced. I don’t know if there was really much any further refinement of mastering would have improved on this track as the overall sound quality was quite good all around.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable track. A little drawn out in the beginning, but the main melody on the second half of the track was very well done. I liked the subtle melody in the beginning as that added some flavor at this long portion of the track. A very good track in general.



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