Review: Pop Stream – Scam (PsyTrance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the psytrance track Pop Stream – Scam.

This particular track was released in 2005 as part of a compilation album called Who Are You?

The track contains a strange false start which I thought made this track seem a little strange. Still, when the track actually starts, my reaction was that this track could be interesting.

There’s plenty of interesting effects and samples that does manage to tide me, as a listener, over to the three minute mark. That is about when the main melody kicks in.

There’s a moment of breakdown and the track then takes off again. There’s a nice amount of variety to be had throughout the track which keeps me interested. The track also contains more than one breakdown moment as well. While having more than one breakdown might make this track run the risk of being confusing, I never actually got that. Instead, it was like an entire audio journey filled with interesting sounds and melodies.

I personally never found anything that I could criticize in this track. Everything was at a nice level. There were no sections that I felt were too long or too short. There was nothing that annoyed or irritated me. It was just a solid track. Definitely worth the listen – even to those who don’t really know what psytrance is all about.



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