Review: Gob – Give Up the Grudge (Rock)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the rock track Gob – Give Up the Grudge.

This particular track was released in 2003 as part of the Foot in Mouth Disease album.

While it is immediately obvious that this track is one of those anger type songs, especially anger at someone, it eventually becomes clear that there is also a dash of class warfare mixed in as well.

The lyrics alone really made this track sound great. It isn’t just a simple portrayal of a simple emotion, but rather, paints a rather complex picture of why one would experience that kind of anger. The anger is directed at someone who is wealthy, judgmental, and an all around attention seeker; basically a rich snob.

Not only are the lyrics well composed, but the way the lyrics are sung was also very nicely done. You can hear the sarcastic imitation of someone who is whining over little things. Added to this is the general screaming that represents an emotional blow-up. It was very nicely done.

The guitar chords were also nicely done. It backs the screaming portion very nicely as it amplifies the overall anger portrayed in the track. The percussion’s were nicely done on the sarcastic imitation portions of this song. It amplifies the whining very nicely.

Overall, the emotion in this song was masterfully produced here. One can easily vent through this track. This track is impressively timeless because a lot of what was sung about could easily apply to the post economic crash era of 2009 to today. An excellent track all around.



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