Review: Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Drum N Bass)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the Drum N Bass track Pendulum – Hold Your Colour.

This particular track was released in 2005 in an album by the same name. At the time, the album went on to bring in not only a major audience in the Drum N Bass scene, but also brought in new listeners who haven’t even heard of the genre in the first place.

This track starts off lightly with vocals and some light melodies. It then builds up quickly into full Drum N Bass with a nice rock influence. From there, we have a track that is really able to effectively hold it’s own.

The overall mood that I can get out of this is staying true to oneself no matter what hardship that you face. It’s a topic that can easily be motivating, but the high production quality really helped make the central mood shine.

Personally, I thought this was a really good track. The only complaints I’ve personally heard about this revolves more around the people behind it more than the track itself. I think saying this track is bad is an extremely tough sell to me. So, overall, a great track to listen to all around.



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