Review: Grindstone – Everything (Rock)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the rock track Grindstone – Everything.

This particular track was released in 1998 and was part of a self-titled album. This track was one of many found on this album that also made an appearance on the N64 game Top Gear Overdrive. Sadly, the band behind this track is also no more.

The track starts off with what sounds like a creaking door. It then bursts into full blown rock. It contains the rather unique vocals that made Grindstone sound distinct in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It eventually ends with two notes on the bass. One of those notes is a slide note.

What I really like about this track, and the reason I keep going back to listening to this track, was the really well done chorus. It takes a bit for the track to build up to the chorus, but the journey to it was an interesting thing to listen to. The chorus starts off with talking about gazing into eyes. There is a nice evolution throughout the track which really contributes to it not wearing out its welcome. This is helped by a creative mix of feedback and interesting note picks which does a good job of providing very well developed ambient atmosphere.

Overall, this is one of those tracks I find myself going back to every so often when I want something different to listen to. A great track overall.



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