Review: Outblast & Korsakoff – Never Surrender (Hardcore)

This review covers the hardcore track Outblast & Korsakoff – Never Surrender.

This track was released in 2007 on the compilation album Masters Of Hardcore Chapter XXIV – Prophecy Of The Underground Empire.

A major defining feature of this track is that this track blends orchestral elements with hardcore music. I think the combination of orchestral and hardcore music can work really well.

The beginning of this track, I found, took a little too long to build up into something interesting. The breakdown then takes hold and I thought this was going to develop into something interesting. Then, the vocal just ends and then something completely different enters the track. I found this portion of the track a little jarring.

After this, though, the track then once again builds into something interesting. This time, though, some incredible sound happens in the last 45 seconds to a minute. It’s a little disappointing that the best part only lasts for such a short period of time. I thoroughly enjoyed that small part of the track though and felt that there was so much more potential in it if it was somehow extended.

Overall, this track builds up to something interesting at first, then it eventually builds up to an excellent climax. Unfortunately, I found myself wading through some parts of the track where the mixing doesn’t seem all that stellar. When about a quarter of the whole track is interesting, it better knock my socks off in order for me to find this track half decent. That small portion really did do the trick, so I think this track is worth listening to. Unfortunately, the remaining two thirds to three quarters of the track really dragged down the overall listening quality. A bit of a shame in that regard.


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