Review: DJ Drunken Munkee – Dancing in the Fact (Electronica)

This review covers the electronica track DJ Drunken Munkee – Dancing in the Fact.

It is unclear when this track was released, but metadata available to us suggests it may have been released in 2006. In any event, it was released online for free.

The genre of this track is really unclear. I wasn’t sure if I could classify it as a dance track or an uptempo track, so I had to leave it in the vague genre of electronica.

One thing I get from this track is the overall vibe of being up to no good. There’s a certain slyness tone this track gives off. I thought that this was a real strength in this track.

Another strength in this track was the fact that the main melody is not only long and complex, but also varied throughout. So, there’s really little to no chance that one could get bored from a simple repetitive melody.

There’s also a really nice set of breakdowns throughout the track. Sometimes the breakdown is reduced to a clap. Sometimes the track is reduced down to a simple rimshot. In any event, the variety in this track besides the melody was really nice to hear.

This track also exhibits some nice rhythm. It sometimes goes back and forth between a synth and a percussion. Sometimes, it’s just a simple variance in what keys are struck.

One other comment I would give on this track is that I thought some of the percussion’s were uniquely filtered. It really gives this track a one of a kind sound to it. Sometimes that is good, sometimes, that’s bad. This time, this was good because it works so very well with this track. Impressive to say the least.

Overall, I thought this was quite a great track. I enjoyed it a lot. Found pretty much nothing noteworthy that would be a negative. So, definitely a recommended listen.


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