Review: One Million Toys – Flex (Original Mix) (House)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the house track One Million Toys – Flex (Original Mix).

This particular track was released in 2014 and was released along with the track White.

While this track is labelled as progressive house, I’ve listened to the track and it just doesn’t strike me as progressive house. Yes, it’s house music, but I don’t hear what makes it progressive house. It sounds more like standard house to me, personally.

This track features some electronic effects and a nice warm bassline which really pushes this track forward. The mood I was getting out of this track is general productivity. You could show steps for a particular project whether big or small, then show it in a video with this track backing it. To me, that would work really well, so that’s why I suggested the rather peculiar mood “productivity”.

There’s an occasional electronic element that could have been backed off just a bit because it delves into the area of drowning out the rest of the track. Fortunately, this element is short and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

While there’s not a whole lot I found wrong with this track, there’s also not a whole lot that sticks out for me either. It’s one of those tracks that is interesting to listen through once, but I’m not convinced it’s one of those tracks you’ll listen to over and over again as there’s not a whole lot that’s particularly memorable here.

Overall, I felt that this track was rather average. Good for a single listen and possibly good to fill a space where there is no music (and maybe good to back a video with this track), but there’s not a lot that lasts in this track beyond that.



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