Review: Omu – Miorita (Ambient)

This review covers the ambient track Omu – Miorita.

This track was released in 2006 online for free streaming.

One positive element was the fact that the wind instrument was well realized. It gives this track a certain exotic feel to it.

The pads also did a good job at providing some backing sound. They gave this track a good relaxing feel to it.

The effects, however few, did add a little something to the track to bring the quality up.

The problem with this track was that there was so little beyond that to talk about. I would have liked to have heard some other subtle elements added into this track. As it stands now, the sound is a little thin in the variety department.

Another problem is the fact that it’s a bit short. It clocks in at 2:20 which is definitely a little more on the short side of things.

Overall, this track has positive and negative aspects to it. What is there was really well done. Each element that was present was obviously painstakingly put together to bring a good level of quality. The down side is that this track is thin on features and is a bit too short. So, it was a good track, but nothing more then that.


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