Review: Metallica – Enter Sandman (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Metallica – Enter Sandman.

This track was released in 1991 on a self-titled album.

This is one of those tracks that I’m constantly told is one of the greatest tracks of all time. Certainly for radio stations that have lost their way and identity, this is a track that is often played as many of them struggle to remain relevant today.

A big part of the track is the vocals. One way the vocals tries to offer something unique in the sound is the peculiar way vowels are emphasized. If it weren’t for this, the vocals would actually be very generic. So, they do end up being marginally decent because it plays into the old 90s rock music sound. The problem is that some of the lyrics get a little lost as pronunciation is somewhat sacrificed for sound.

The guitars is another major component – particularly the solo. The guitars throughout were decent and the solo was reasonably good.

One of the comments about this track I’ve heard is that this track is timeless. I would disagree with this because so many other tracks I’ve heard since produced offer so much more than what this track offers. As a result, this track comes of as quite generic. Another comment I’ve heard about this track is that this is one of the greatest tracks of all time. Again, this is something I disagree with. I’ve heard power metal that completely blows this track out of the water. The only thing I can see is that this track was (and still is) heavily marketed. This might fuel people’s want to look at this track through rose-tinted glasses and say this track was amazing when it is really at the core of mainstream music.

Overall, this track is OK. The vocals have a very rock-ish sound with the vowel emphasis style. The solo is OK. Unfortunately, this track is probably one of the most highly overrated tracks I’ve heard. It’s OK to listen to a few times, but for me, it gets quite stale after.


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