Review: Mental Generation ‎– Slam (Shake’s Revenge) (House)

This review covers the acid house track Mental Generation ‎– Slam (Shake’s Revenge).

This track was released in 1991 as part of an EP. It was released with 4 other versions and the track Bonus Bee.

The track starts off extremely quietly. All there is is a subtle bassline. From there, a more pronounced bassline comes in. A synth is added for additional resonance. The track then cuts off with a hit before the track comes back with a melody. The hit returns and a voice sample is used. The track then fades out with some hits and the voice sample again.

From there, the track returns with the main melody which is automated to gradually fade in and out. The bassline is consistent, so the prominence of the bassline depends on how much the main melody is in. The track then fades out somewhat with a synth effect.

After that, the bassline starts fading in and out. The hits occupy a small amount of audio space. After the voice sample is heard again, the track comes back with bassline and melody. The track pulls back somewhat, then comes back in with the voice sample. The hits are laid over top of the other elements.

From there, the track’s main melody and bassline get mixed up in a solo. After a while, a snare roll hits before the kick element comes back in. The kick fades out and the track ends with the voice sample.

One thing I found interesting was the filtering on the hi hat. It has a more or less shuddering sound to it. With most of the colour filtered out, it becomes more subtle even though it is definitely there.

The automation of the bassline and 303 synth melody works pretty well. It helped keep what might be otherwise a very repetitive track interesting. There is still a bit of repetition as far as I’m concerned, but the problem isn’t all that big.

Another positive is the way the track flows. It is quite logical. Even though there is some cuts, those cuts are brief and doesn’t really harm the rhythm all that much.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. While it may be a bit on the repetitive side, the automation on the bassline and 303 melody helps dull this criticism down a lot. Certainly an interesting track to listen to.


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