Review: Matrix + Futurebound – Sand Storm (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the liquid Drum N Bass track Matrix + Futurebound – Sand Storm.

This track was released in 2007 on the album Universal Truth.

This track is a more uplifting drum n bass track.

One thing I thought really drove this track was the chords. While certainly not the only element in this track, I thought this really drove the overall mood I could hear in this track. A very nicely done element here.

The melody was also an interesting element. While melody can typically be brought up to the front, I thought that the melody was simply lightly sprinkled throughout the track to surprising effectiveness. It’s only taking a dominant role in the track in the main chorus, but then ducks back down into the background right after.

The effects are definitely applied rather thickly in this track, but given the name, I thought it was fitting here.

I thought the overall flow of this track was also nicely done. All the transitions were smooth and made for a very nice listening experience.

Overall, this was a great track to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The chords were great, the melody was creatively applied, and the effects were nicely done. A great track all around.


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