Review: Celldweller – Own Little World (Growling Machines Remix) (Psytrance)

This review covers the psytrance track Celldweller – Own Little World (Growling Machines Remix).

This track was released in 2007 on the Rounders album.

This track has an intriguing mix of rock and psytrance, though it is definitely a psytrance track at its core. It remixes an already existing rock track by Celldweller. Some people might refer to this track as “we will never die”, but it’s definitely called “Own Little World”.

In terms of sound in general, I thought this track was very successful in blending the two genres of music together. There was absolutely no clashing of sound whatsoever in this track.

The vocals that are slashed throughout this track were nicely done as it captures that anger that’s supposed to carry this track nicely.

Probably my only nitpick with this track is that the great parts in this track were a bit short for my tastes. Still, one could do a whole lot worse than this track in this department.

Overall, this is an excellent track. It was a real treat to hear such a nicely done crossover of psytrance and track – not to mention a crossover that was done very well. The great parts of this track were a little on the short side, but it still provided an excellent sound overall. If the good parts were longer, I would have given this track a 9, but I’ll have to knock off a half a point for the good parts being a bit too short. Definitely a recommended track either way.

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