Review: Mat Zo – Rush 2009 (Progressive Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Mat Zo – Rush 2009.

This track, as the name might suggest, was released in 2009 along with the track Default.

This track utilizes a mixture of chiptune sound and more modern sounding synths to deliver an interesting listening experience.

The overall melody definitely gave this track a nicely positive vibe throughout. It builds nicely, has a nice climax and fades away at a very nice rate. So, the overall flow was well done in this track.

I don’t necessarily have any one thing to criticize about this particular track. That doesn’t mean I think this track is perfect in every way, but there are no real points of criticism I have for this track that’s worth mentioning.

Overall, this was a nice pleasant track to listen to. It does a nice balance between an old chiptune sound with more modern synths. It has great flow throughout and is nicely paced. Overall, this was a nicely done track. Get’s two thumbs up from me.


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