Review: Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Oliver Smith Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Oliver Smith Remix).

This track was released in 2010 along with the original mix.

One prominent feature of this track is the main melody. It has a sort of passively uplifting sound to it. The slide notes worked well in giving the main melody a variation or two to keep things fresh.

The bassline was well done. It gave the track a sort of textured edge to it which worked well.

The sub-melody adds to the track. While not immediately noticeable, it adds a lot to the track.

The stringed synth helped give this track a pleasant overall sound. The quasi-choir did the same thing, but gave it a nice variation as the track progressed.

The mastering was nicely done. Everything was nicely set and everything had their place in the overall soundscape.

While not the punchiest track around, it certainly holds its own. It has a nicely done melody that evolves nicely throughout. The backing sounds such as the string synth and choir-like pads gave this track a pleasant undertone. The sub-melody, while subtle, worked quite well. A very good track overall.


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