Review: Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett – Off The World (MR’s Exclusive Intro Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett – Off The World (MR’s Exclusive Intro Mix).

This track was released in 2008.

This track seems to be labelled house, but, to me, the tempo is faster than a large amount of house music and it has a more trance feel than house to me. This track is also meant as a set intro which is not that common in these genre’s of music.

This track starts off with basically two notes on a guitar before soft vocals come in. Eventually, the guitar notes change, piano comes in, and bass guitar also back the vocals. To say this track is good is a serious understatement. The levels, the elements, and how it all came together was incredibly well done.

The only criticism I have would be that this is too short. I wanted more of this track. Still, that is really the only complaint I have of this track.

Overall, this was an excellent track that really helps set a gold standard for music quality. The emotions were strong, every element had a very specific purpose of elevating this track, and the mixing was awesome. A must listen.


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