Review: Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Feat. Bruno Mars) (Disco)

This review covers the pop Disco track Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Feat. Bruno Mars).

This track was released in 2014 as a single.

A prevalent feature was the backup singers. They really don’t do much besides repeatedly making that sound you hear in the first few seconds of the track. Ultimately, this element pretty much represented one of only two minor strengths in this track.

The only other minor strength in the track was the brass that occasionally makes an appearance. It only momentarily serves as some half decent sound scape to help make the track tolerable.

From there, the track pretty much goes downhill. The main vocals left a lot to be desired with the shades of Michael Jackson which ultimately makes this track sound dated. A second pitfall of the main vocals are anything but articulate. After hearing this track, I honestly have no idea what this track is about because I can’t understand the lyrics. A third weakness of these vocals was the solos where pretty much every other sound vanishes. Not only were the vocals weak, but the weak vocals are pushed to the front which ultimately ends up wrecking all the little flow this track gains. The randomly placed high notes sounds like something the main vocals do in an effort to try and sound unique, but it ultimately served to make this track sound jarring.

There were good elements in this track, but you have to wade through a whole lot of bad sounds just to get to it. For me, what good sounds were in it just isn’t worth all that waiting. It’s a nice try, but ultimately a flop in my books.

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