Review: Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Lost Tribe’s ’99 Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Lost Tribe’s ’99 Mix).

This track was released in 1999 as a single. It was released with two other versions.

The track starts with a kick and a synth effect. Some synth pads swell in and a few additional effects make some appearances. The track builds up a bit with the addition of a high hat and, shortly after, a sweeping synth effect.

From there, the track builds up further with the addition of a synth melody. This is joined by a bassline. The melody has an automating filter on it so it is constantly evolving. Some choir elements then join in. The choir is also joined by a piano element. At this point, the track then breaks down somewhat, leaving the more melodic element.

After a boom, the drop hits and the melody starts being pulled back. At this point, a large voice sample comes in with the melody not totally leaving the track. The voice sample has a delay effect. A piano comes in to start building the track up. After two effects hit, a secondary melody comes in backed by a synth pad. This melody also has an automated filter to make sure it constantly evolves as well.

The kick then comes in to help build the track back up. After that, the first melody comes in and is layered over top. The piano element layers on top of everything else after.

Several elements then go away and the voice sample comes in. Some sound effects are added to punctuate what is being said. This element goes away and one synth melody comes back in. The first melody them comes back in. A choir element then is added to the mix. Completing things up is a piano element to add just that extra bit more.

After this, the track starts to break down with several elements disappearing. An effect takes the last synth melody out of the track. The track then continues on with a final breakdown and a sweep effect takes what is left out, ending the track.

One thing I really like about this track is that it has such a vivid theme going for it. The large voice samples really paints the picture. Of course, small elements are added to the track during these sections which shows it wasn’t just plopped in, but also accented with other subtle elements. The birds chirping is a great example of this.

The choir elements, meanwhile, really give this track such an angelic sound to the overall track. This helps punctuates the other-worldliness that really dominates this track. I thought it helped put this track on another level with that element alone.

Another impressive thing about this track are the various melodies throughout the track. I counted at least 3 dominant melodies. Not only are there three melodies, but these melodies could so easily overlap each other.

Overall, this is an impressive track. It has such vivid themes and great choirs to give it that other-worldly sound. The melodies throughout the track are not only great, but they interchange so fluidly. Meanwhile, the various effects just add that extra kick to make the track so complete. So, I would say this is a highly recommended track. Simply impressive.


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