Review: LDC – Plasma (Trance)

This review covers the trance track LDC – Plasma.

This track was released in 1992 on the album Plasma.

The track starts off with a synth bassline. A kick comes in. Some high hats follow suit. Some synth pads also make an appearance. A synth melody comes in layered with a synth effect. A secondary synth melody comes in. The synth melodies then end and a third synth melody comes in. A percussion sound is also introduced at this point in time. A voice sample then comes in as one of the synth melodies makes a return.

From there, the drop hits as one of the synth melodies sticks around. After a few effects, the drum kit and bassline is all that remains. A few chime effects are added as well as the percussion element heard earlier. The third main synth melody makes a return. The first synth melody also returns. The second synth melody also makes a return. All but one synth melody then goes away for a moment before one of them returns. The whispering voice sample also makes a brief return. The voice sample makes an additional return after a while. The track then starts to break down with the voice sample leading the track out with a delay effect.

One thing that struck out to me with this track is that this isn’t one of those tracks that is meant to energize necessarily. It is more of a more relaxed nature. As a result, it’s more meant to be one of those tracks that plays along in the background more than anything else. In that light, it is a good track to have playing in the background as you do other things.

There is a problem with this type of track. It’s hard to have memorable tracks of this nature. It can be done, but it is very difficult. Unfortunately, this track doesn’t quite make it past a hurdle like that.

Nevertheless, it is enjoyable. It is certainly worth listening to. If you want a track to just chill out to, this is a great candidate. It sounds pretty good from beginning to end. While it may not have qualities that make it particularly memorable, it does offer a pleasant listening experience. A pretty good track all around.


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