Review: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Justin Bieber – What do You Mean.

This track was released in 2015 on the album Purpose. It’s the same album that also contains the track Sorry. That track scored very poorly here.

The track starts off with piano elements as well as some percussion sound that seems to emulate a clock. The track quickly goes into a vocal chorus after.

During the vocal chorus, the vocals are backed what is either a pan flute or something similar. After that, there is a fast paced verse. The vocal speed randomly speeds up and slows down. Because of the random speed, it gives the impression that too many words are being crammed into too small of a space. It ultimately gives the track lyrics a sloppy sound.

After the chorus, there’s another verse which pretty much has a very similar problem.

The end of the track just almost randomly cuts off right at the end of a final chorus. There’s nothing to lead the track out, so it becomes jarring at the end.

A big problem for me in this track is that there is nothing in here that really grabs my attention. When I listen to a track, I’m looking for something that is either exciting or moving or even interesting for that matter. I just didn’t hear that in this track as there is so much that is generic here. The pacing of the lyrics only makes it worse because some of the words get lost in translation. Because of the bland nature of this track, I’m not even motivated to figure out what some of the lyrics are even talking about.

Generally speaking, the writing of the lyrics are sloppy. Everything about this is extremely bland and generic. The cut off at the ending is a bit jarring. I’m trying to think of anything positive to say about this track, but nothing really sticks out for me in this case. A boring and forgettable track.


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