Review: Justin Bieber – Sorry (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Justin Bieber – Sorry.

This track was released in 2015 on the album Purpose.

One big element in this track is the vocals. In this track, they are OK, but nothing huge. The lyrics, on the other hand, are a bit vague, though. Some of the lyrics are even over-used and worn.

What backs these vocals really did little justice to this track. The main melody is quite non-descript and did very little to make this track interesting. In fact, they even made the track bland. In addition, there are some female vocals that were roughly and badly cut. They have little life to them and even have a subtle clicking sound where the audio was chopped.

One positive element was the piano portion, though this doesn’t take up a whole lot of the track’s time. So, it ends up being fleeting.

The mastering leaves a lot to be desired. Once the brass hits, the whole track becomes distorted and has an annoying pumping sound to it. This is obviously a sign that the track is too loud in these parts. Avoiding this kind of bad sound is a really basic mastering skill for any producer. A basic level of knowledge in mastering says “fix that”. Because of this, the track even sounds amateurish.

Generally speaking, this track has very few redeeming qualities. The piano solo wasn’t bad and the vocals were OK, but the mastering wrecked the track. The other elements did little to make this track listenable – especialy the unnatural female vocal samples. If the mastering was half way decent, this would have been barely passable, but because of the poor job done, this track suffers that much further.


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