Review: Halifax – Reveal Your Innocence (Samuel Jason Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Halifax – Reveal Your Innocence (Samuel Jason Remix).

This track was released in 2010. It was released along with three other remixes.

The track starts with a few effects and synth notes. A partial melody is also heard at the beginning.

The track contains a fake breakdown early on which adds a small vocal sample for effect. After that, there is some chords that eventually have an increase in cutoff. Eventually, the true breakdown occurs.

During the subsequent build-up, the main melody is introduced along with the automated chords. When the buildup finishes, the main melody continues along with the vocal elements. The vocal elements are really just a nice added touch to this track.

Eventually, there is a second breakdown. The buildup is shorter and contains the chords and voice samples. After a bit more of the main melody, the track eventually leads to a final breakdown.

The track is seemingly meant to be taken as something to play in the background more than anything else. There’s nothing really punctuating any kind of presence. Instead, the track tries to take on a more relaxing style. This is because there’s no real climactic portion. In stead, the buildups just lead to some general sound.

As a result, the track also winds up being less than memorable. The vocal samples add a nice touch to the overall sound, but that’s about it. The main melody is nothing huge by any means and is soaked up in an ocean of chords. The chords are OK, but there’s not a whole lot in there that makes the track exciting.

Overall, this is an OK track. The relaxation effects are certainly present. The vocal samples add a nice touch to the overall sound. Still, the track doesn’t feature much that grabs my attention. It may be something to fill a void, but it doesn’t do much more then that. An OK track all around.


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