Review: Dinka – Aircraft (Original Mix) (House)

This review covers the house track Dinka – Aircraft (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2010. It was released with the radio edit version of the track.

The track starts with a few vocal samples with a heavy delay. As a result of the delay effect, it’s hard to really hear what is being said. As a result, it ends up being an interesting effect more than anything else.

The track also features a bassline that is similar to a psytrance track. Of course, the slower BPM gives the track a slightly different effect.

A melody then hits the track. Two different synths are used for the melody as they take turns. The result is a nice echo effect to give the track some depth.

The track then leads into a breakdown with some more vocal samples. After the breakdown hits, the main melody is heard, though the synth is filtered. There’s some automation on the filter, so the filters effects gradually wears off to help build the track back up again. The buildup contains elements of the main melody.

After the buildup, there’s just the bassline with a few effects. This can make the track seem somewhat anti-climactic as a result at that point. Still, the main melody does eventually make a return.

As the final breakdown begins, there is the inclusion of a few more voice samples with the delay effect.

The track has a very light presence overall. The way it is constructed, it is almost as if it is meant to be just something to fill an audio vacuum more than anything else. Because of this, if you want something random to play, but don’t have anything in particular you want to listen to, this can be a good fill track. Nothing about this track really punctuates anything.

Generally speaking, this is an alright track. If you want something to play in the background, but don’t really care what and just want something light, then this track can really fit the bill. While it has some good atmosphere, there’s not a whole lot about this track that is particularly exciting. It isn’t a bad track, but nothing to get too excited over.


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