Review: Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl.

This track was released in 2004 on the album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

My best guess is that this track is about a cheerleader not taking anything from anyone.

The lyrics strike me as someone who just learned the S word for the first time and is going around using it as a new thing. Unfortunately, the lyrics don’t really strive to do much more than that. As a result, they are, to me, uninspired and lacks creativity.

The production value is quite low. This track strikes me as produced by someone who just found a few samples and did up a few effects on a few synths. the producer then almost randomly placed them into the track with the hopes that it sounded great, but it wasn’t that great by any stretch. The sounds outside of the main beat just pop in and out and, while technically on beat, sound out of place and makes me ask, “what is that sound doing there?”

As for the main beat, while it does offer the sound of something you would hear at a stadium, the sound was seemingly left on auto-pilot throughout the track.

The vocals are probably the strongest part of the track, and they weren’t all that strong. They have that air of run-of-the-mill vocals.

I honestly can’t think of one good thing about this track. No matter which angle I look at it, it is still garbage. So, I would advise to save yourself a few minutes of your life and avoid this one.


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