Review: Glideascope – Devushka (Beautiful) (Ambient)

This review covers the ambient downtempo track Glideascope – Devushka (Beautiful).

This track was released in 2003 on the EP With Strings Attached. Earlier, we reviewed another track on that EP called What Kind of Madness and gave it a positive review.

A major part of this track is definitely the strings. This is generally combined with the sounds of birds throughout. I thought that the way these two elements were combined worked quite well.

The vocal portions that have a delay effect added to them also added a fair bit to the track. The delay effect really helped it meld into the rest of the track nicely.

I’ve heard ambient tracks that contained brass instruments before. Often, they are brought forward to much and simply disrupt the overall feel of the track. In this case, I would say it was brought in nicely and actually added a bit of dimension to the track. So, I thought the addition in this case worked well.

The voice sample at the end gave me a mixed feeling. While it did blend nicely into the rest of the track, I wasn’t sure I’m a huge fan of it. Still, that is really a minor part in this review.

Overall, I would say that this was a very good track. Not entirely sure what to think of the voice sample at the end, but otherwise, I thought this was definitely enjoyable. A great uplifting track to relax to.


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