Review: Orizontas – Horizons (Ambient)

This review covers the atmospheric downtempo track Orizontas – Horizons.

This track was released in 2007 online for free streaming.

One interesting element was the synth pads and effects. This was nicely combined with the cricket sounds. I thought the crickets added an interesting texture to the overall sound.

Throughout the track, subtle elements were added such as a very subtle beat, quiet piano, and, towards the end, the sound of rain. This added much needed variety to the track because the main melody, while slow, wasn’t that complex and does get a little repetitive.

One thing I thought didn’t work for the track was the broken chord synth towards the middle. This added a fair bit of energy to an otherwise serene track. It sort of held this track back a bit and was out of place.

Another piece of info to note is that this track is long. It clocks in at over ten and a half minutes even. Certainly one of the longer tracks I’ve listened to. I thought this neither helped, nor hurt the track though.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad track. The main melody, though nice, does get a bit repetitive after a while. Luckily, other elements are added to break up the repetition a bit. The broken chord does kind of break the mood a little bit. Still, since this track is so long, there are still long portions that are quite enjoyable. So, a decent track to listen to.


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