Review: Franz Ferdinand – Right Action (Indie Rock)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the indie rock track Franz Ferdinand – Right Action.

This particular track was released on the Right Thoughts Right Words right Action album in 2013.

I think this track tries to go for a sort of care free and charming mood, but I did find this track confusing to listen to.

The most confusing element, to me, was the lyrics. The lyrics would have the main chorus, but when you start hearing the versus, it would almost start to explain something, then cut right back to the chorus before I could interpret a meaning. The most I could get out of this was something about leaving on a Saturday night or Sunday, but the rest of the song was, outside the chorus, sounded like garble in terms of actual meaning to me. I simply didn’t get what this track was trying to convey in the lyrics.

As for the reset of the track, it strikes me as one of those tracks that screams “I want to sound like the Beatles too!”. When music strives to simply emulate the sound of a particular artist, it almost never really works. I’m not sure the sound really did more than sound bland to me in the end. There is variation to it, but whatever sound quality that was attempted, it got drowned out by the confusing lyrics.

So, unfortunately, this track really doesn’t do much for me.



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