Review: Fotofresh – Sirien (Ambient)

This review covers the ambient uptempo track Fotofresh – Sirien.

This track was released in 2015 online for free.

One of the major elements in this track is definitely the bassline. While many of the elements spells out this being an ambient track, the bassline helped make this track have a motivational element.

Interestingly enough, this track features an electric guitar as a minor element. Most producers would put the guitar at the front and part of the major elements in the track. IN this case, it was just a small part as it hits a single note. In this case, I thought it worked quite well as it adds a slight edge to this track.

With the light main melody and the main bassline, this track is definitely one of those tracks that makes you want to play in the background as you work on stuff. It has that productivity feel to it.

My only criticism of this track is that I thought the brief use of the wind instrument didn’t quite fit with the rest of the track. There are a lot of elements that give this track a gritty feel, yet this wind instrument that’s supposed to represent serenity pops in. I thought that this track could have done without it, though it wasn’t a jarring issue for me.

Still, I thought this was a neat track to listen to. If you are wanting something to break up some silence while you work, then this track is definitely for you in my view. It has a nice amount of grit while at the same time isn’t jumping up and down screaming “look at me!” A very good track.


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