Review: Dream of Other Worlds – The Shores of a Lost Planet (Ambient)

This review covers the atmospheric ambient track Dream of Other Worlds – The Shores of a Lost Planet.

This track was released in 2011 online for free streaming.

One prominent feature of this track is the filtered white noise that seems to simulate wind. The long droning synth melody also added nicely to the atmospherics of this track. Those two elements alone really gave a feeling of desolation, alienation, and isolation.

On thing about this track is the fact that it’s easy to just get lost in. The main melody also nicely adds a hint of sadness throughout the track.

I thought this track worked quite well. Everything was nicely mastered and the slow melody combined with the wind really worked well here. IF you want a slow ambient track that has that hint of sadness combined with the elements of loneliness, this is definitely a track for you.


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