Review: Evocativ – Echo (Downtempo)

This review covers the downtempo track Evocativ – Echo.

This track was released in 2013 as part of the album Infusion (Remastered). It was also released for free online streaming.

The track starts off with a kick effect, some synth pads, and a vinyl crackle sound at the beginning. It builds up from there with a shaker and some additional effects. In the next step for buildup, it incorporates a clap sound.

Shortly after this, a piano element is added. This is followed up by a guitar sound. The guitar is ultimately the main part of the track, making the piano a sort of false main melody. The guitar has a few slide notes. Being backed by the synth pads and shaker, it really gives the track an interesting dynamic.

From there, the track does break down, leaving only the pads, shaker, and a subtle bassline. The piano returns as the next part of the track kicks off. The piano really gives this track a rather gentle sound. This section offers a twist, though, because what follows the piano element is a string synth element instead of a guitar effect. This gives the track a very nice variation. To make the variation more pronounced, a woodwind instrument is added after, layered with the guitar.

What really gives this particular track its strength is the slower tempo. Often, you hear faster tempos really giving a track a lot of strength. In this case, it’s the slower tempo. If I had a guess, this track is probably hovering around 60 – 80 BPM (Beats Per Minute) based on my simply listening to the track. With a gentler drum kit, the slower BPM really enhances that relaxed feel to the point where you really feel like you are relaxing on a warm beach in the middle of the afternoon.

The inclusion of a guitar element is a very good call. This is because it gives the track enough energy to not be one of those tracks that also put you to sleep. I like that because it allows listeners to have that perfect music for a lazy Sunday afternoon to, perhaps, read a book or something. It works quite well.

Overall, this is a pretty solid track. It isn’t one of those tracks that you would throw on repeat all day long. It is, however, certainly one of those track you would throw into a mix of other tracks to add a nice highlight. The slow tempo helps give this track a very relaxed feel. Meanwhile, the guitar offsets that relaxation element somewhat by making it more of a middle of the afternoon chill out track. So, I would call this a track a track that is worth checking out for sure. Nicely done.


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