Article 11 and Article 13 Faces Delay Thanks to Member Rebellion

The fight to save the internet in Europe continues. Pressure is causing article 11 and article 13 to be delayed.

The fight to save the Internet and put a stop to article 11 and article 13 is taking an interesting turn. It seems that the people have once again been gathering momentum against the powerful lobbyists of major multi-national corporate interests.

According to a tweet by Member of European Parliament (MEP) Julia Reda, the legislation is being delayed:

BREAKING: Council has failed to find an agreement on its #copyright position today. This doesn’t mean that #Article11 and #Article13 are dead, but their adoption has just become a lot less likely. Let’s keep up the pressure now!

Indeed, there is a lot of pressure from European citizens to put a stop to the legislation. As of now, a petition has recently blown past the 4.5 million signature goal. It continues to grow by the minute. It is also setting a new goal of 6 million signatures. So, ultimately, European’s are already working hard to put a stop to the legislation.

Helping things along is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) who urged citizens to contact their representatives. The idea, of course, is to continue to apply pressure on representatives in a continued effort to save the Internet.

That doesn’t mean that lobbyists are staying quiet on the matter. Just recently, seemingly speaking on behalf of the multi-national corporate interests, members of JURI who helped pass the legislation put out a question and answer piece effectively denying that the legislation has anything to do with censorship or link taxes. Those myths, of course, were quickly busted by digital rights advocates and organizations.

So, for now, while this is definitely good news for those who are fighting to save the Internet, it doesn’t mean that the battle is over. It just means that momentum is shifting towards citizens at this point in time. Digital rights advocates are currently urging citizens to keep up the fight.

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