Review: Emancipator – Nevergreen (Downtempo)

This review covers the downtempo track Emancipator – Nevergreen.

this track was released in 2010 and was also released free streaming by the artist as well.

One very interesting element is the incorporation of the electric guitar. It’s not very often that an electric guitar is used for an ambient track (as I tend to expect more synthetic droning or orchestral elements). Still, it was clearly a tamed down element that worked very well with the overall track.

The orchestral elements were also very nicely done. The stringed instruments incorporated lots of sliding notes which almost makes me envision floral arrangements.

I thought the piano and choir elements were a nice touch to this track. They both added a nice amount of dimension to this track.

Overall, this track is definitely a good relaxation track. It has interesting elements and even a relatively unique instrument thrown in on top of it all. The track certainly gets a thumbs up from me.


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