Review: Dyprax – Exorcism (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Dyprax – Exorcism.

This track was released in 2013. It was released along with two other tracks that make up the Exorcism EP.

The track starts off with some choir elements along with some synth pads and possibly synth strings. It also has a general hardcore style kick.

The track begins to build up with a rather deep voice sample. There are some variances within the otherwise four to the floor style. This gives the track a few interesting breaks. The track then goes into a drop which contains some bitcrushed elements.

From there, a synth melody takes over which is backed by more voice sample work. When the track goes back into gear, another synth melody takes over. This main climactic part of the track is split up somewhat by some additional samples.

Towards the end of the climax of the track, the first synth melody is heard. When this is heard, the final breakdown begins. A few additional voice samples are heard before the track breaks down completely. It is even is capped off by some effects and one final voice sample.

The first thing I notice about this track is the BPM. I’ve heard a number of hardcore tracks where a high BPM is used. Either the higher BPM is used to inject energy or it is used to make the track seem more unnerving. In this case, a slower BPM is used more akin to the BPM you might hear in house music. What I think is excellent is the fact that this track has a lot of power, energy, and emotion. This track proves that a higher BPM isn’t necessary to deliver a great hardcore track.

Another thing I really enjoy about the track is the voice samples. A lot of tracks I hear often use a short voice sample, chop it, and vary it with that same 1 or 2 seconds for variety. Sometimes, that is actually enough and sometimes it is just used for added effect. In this case, there are so many different voice samples, forget adding effect or varying it, the voice samples practically tell an entire story arc.

As an added bonus, an additional voice sample is used at the end. Most artists just break the track down because DJs typically fade out the track and be done with it. So, most artists don’t really add something great after the kicks are done. An entirely new sample is thrown in at the end which really is impressive because it caps off the track very nicely..

The two melodies that are used are great. One is a lighter melody and one is a melody I hear more often. The two not only balances each other out well, but also helps give this track a great flow. The effects throughout only add to that flow, but the foundation of the two melodies really helps things along.

Most of all, the track has a very well realized mood. When all of the elements are combined, the emotion just drips right through the speakers. So, I really like that as well.

Overall, this is a great track. The evil throughout is so well realized. With the two melodies and the overall flow, this track manages to click very well. The slower BPM is a nice move on the producers part. So, overall, this is a great example of hardcore done well. A great track as far as I’m concerned.


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