Day 1 of Article 13 Passage: Citizens Grieve As Others Think of Fleeing

It’s the day after Europe voted to kill the open Internet. Some citizens are mourning the loss while others are thinking of moving out of the continent.

March 26, 2019 could be a date permanently etched into European’s minds. That is the day European MEPs voted to kill the open Internet by passing Article 11 and Article 13 with only the most minor of changes. Almost everyone knew the consequences of the copyright passage, but lawmakers ignored expert opinion and the will of the people in favour of multi-national corporate interests.

Now that we are here the morning after disaster, reality is now sinking in for citizens. While reading the reaction, you can’t help but be reminded of a certain scene from Titanic. On Twitter, #RIPInternet started getting comments from people all over.

Harry writes, “I can’t sleep. This world is ****ing us over, man. Everyone’s ranting about WWE now, but in like 6 months that **** won’t be happening anymore, so what’s the ****ing point?!”

MC_Licsen112 comments, “Welp, seems like the inevitable has finally arrived. Sad to see how EU tries to kill the internet and Freedom of Speech and Expression. :(”

Anger was also part of the reaction. Alissa writes, “It’s so sad, that the corrupt lobbyists have won this. “Thank you” to those greedy hypocrites for taking away our freedom and filling your pockets.”

Friendofox said, “Rest in peace, internet. May these old people over at the parlament die in the worst ****ing pain imaginable. I am so unbelievably pissed off right now”

Sex Gravy says, “Nice to know a bunch of walking corpses voted to get article 13 through just so they can get a few more pennies before they ****ing fossilize”

Niko comments, “EU parlament should be sued for demagogy for accepting the article13.”

Of course, it’s not just users grieving. Creators are also just as upset at seeing their dreams of a promising and bright future slip through their fingers. SuperHorrorBro writes, “This is a sad day for the internet. It will change the landscape for how we share and create content online and I’m certain will have many unintended casualties. I may not be making videos for you guys in a years time. ”

BlitzyNation! #i64 posted, “Right boys. #Article13 just passed. Still gonna fight the good fight and stream as normal. Before it takes hold im gonna post one last spicy meme!”

Some users are apparently happy they left Europe. One Kirby Fan comments, “Article 13 has been passed. I came back to the U.S. at just the right time.”

Others aren’t so lucky. Mamut_mr posted a video of him considering moving to the US, writing, “All european streamers right now :(”

Some are taking a more politically minded approach to all of this. Julian writes, “#RIPInternet it was nice knowing you. So this is what Democracy is now, just ignoring the opinion and concerns of millions of people. I just hope that the parties that voted for #Article13 get what they deserve in the next European election.”

Another user brought the Brexit debate into this. Marsl Durer says, “England: “Hey, our dumb and uninformed #Brexit campaign did work! Nobody can **** himself harder!” Europe: “Hold my beer!””

So, in the early days of the passage, reaction is certainly pouring in. We’ll continue to monitor for developments as they unfold in this tragic event.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Google+.

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