Review: Dyprax & Bodyshock – Ominous (Gabber Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Dyprax & Bodyshock – Ominous.

This track was released in 2014 along with two other tracks.

One great element is definitely the vocals. I’m not sure if the vocals are made specifically for this track or sampled from a rap track, but they were quite well done and nicely laid out in the track.

The vocals give this sense of shadowy self empowerment where one becomes a ticking time bomb ready to blow up and take out everything else around with them. The emotion was very well produced here.

The overall flow of this track was well done. There is a breakdown and buildup in this track, but the flow is mostly fairly consistent with some pulling back and pushing the limits. The way this track flows works extremely well as there’s no repetitive or dull moments to be had here.

Overall, I think this was a very well done track. It’s got great vocals and great flow. The emotion is very well realized and the sound atmosphere was spot on. I would say this is a great track.


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