Review: Ace Ventura & Captain Hook – The Jolly Roger (Original Mix) (Psytrance)

This review covers the psytrance track Ace Ventura & Captain Hook – The Jolly Roger (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2011 along with three remixes.

One of the standout elements in this track are the well produced effects that are liberally applied throughout the track. They do add some interesting atmospherics into the overall listening experience.

Another great part about this track is that there are great buildups in this track. The track repeatedly builds up and builds up, then disappoints and lazily falls back to a very typical and unimaginative bassline. I keep expecting something really cool to come in in this track, but this track offers nothing but disappointment once the buildup subsides.

Don’t get me wrong, this track does a very good job at going to the start line and setting the stage for some truly amazing psytrance. I was totally anticipating some sound that reminds me of old piracy scenes like an accordion or maybe even a laughing pirate. Maybe a sound of a cannon or, well, anything that makes me think of tall ships and piracy. You will not get that in this track. It’s like the producers got something really cool started, then just decided to release it all completely unfinished.

in the end, I can hear real production skill in this track. It’s a shame it was wasted on a track that ultimately fails to impress. So, I say that there is great psytrance music out there, this just isn’t one of those tracks.


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