Review: Dogzilla – Without You (12″ Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the hard trance track Dogzilla – Without You (12″ Mix).

This track was released in 2005 as a single along with 4 other versions of this track. We reviewed another track called Frozen and ended up giving it a rare perfect score.

One great part about this track is the fact that this one utilizes rock elements and mixes it into a trance track. The way it was mixed already gets this track off to a great start.

The vocals on this track was very well done. They have a subtle soft whispery sound to them which helps make them get their own unique sound.

The lyrics were also very well realized. They touch on things like seduction and love. Quite well written lyrics to say the least.

The synth melodies also worked quite well. They were nicely sidechained to add a certain rhythm to the whole track.

The extra effects really helped take this track over the top for me. The way the track flows, you almost forget that this is over 8 minutes long.

Overall, this was an incredibly well done track. Great vocals, great synth melodies, great guitar work, and excellent flow throughout the whole thing. You end up not realizing that you’ve blown through 8 minutes listening to it. An excellent track.


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