Review: DJ Drunken Munkee – Suicide Attempt (Electronica)

This review covers the general electronica track DJ Drunken Munkee – Suicide Attempt.

It is unclear when this track was released, but metadata available to us suggests this was released in 2006. The track was released online for free.

The overall vibe in this track, I found, was simply a darker vibe mixed with depression and a sense of desperation. The title makes a fair amount of suggestion when it comes to what vibe this is supposed to portray in particular, but I think if you heard this track without the title, I’m not sure you would get the level of dramatic emotion that the title would get. This doesn’t make this a bad or good track necessarily, but it does add a bit of perspective of what you are getting.

The choir samples, which were possibly from the plug-in Nexus utilizing the preset Pop Stacks and filtered down, were well done and added plenty to this track.

The strings were definitely present in this track. It served as a secondary main melody throughout the track. While they were generally otherwise done well, I would say that it could have been backed off a little bit because it almost peaks in an unpleasant way in some parts of the track.

The guitar elements were definitely a great addition. They don’t appear that often, but when they do, they add a great dimension to this track.

The bass strings (possibly a cello?) certainly added plenty of warmth to the track like any good bassline.

The main melody was also quite nicely done. I thought it was well realized and suited this track very well.

The piano wasn’t a bad thing to have in this track. Like the main string element, I thought it could have been backed off a little bit at times.

My problem with this track, however, was how the elements were brought together. This was mainly the timing on how it all ended up syncing together. On the first listen or two, this may not be that noticeable, but as you listen to this track more and more, the timing ultimately becomes an irritant. It comes in when the main melody comes in with the string towards the beginning. It also appears with the filtered down choice syncing up with the percussion’s. If you listen carefully, they are off from one another. My best guess was that the notes on some of the longer stringed elements may have been programmed correctly, but the attack might have pushed the notes back enough to sound off with respect to the rest of the track. The reason for this is because when you hear each element in their respective solo’s, it all actually sounds fine. Together, the timing just clashes.

I thought the timing clashing with different elements in this track was a bit of a letdown because the track was otherwise very good. It may sound like I’m being overly picky here, but the more I hear the imperfections, the less inclined I am to say this was a great track. It was still good, but the producer could have spent a little more time ironing out the kinks before releasing it. Give it a listen. It does deliver some great emotions and is worthy of a listen.


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