Review: Andy Blueman – Sea Tides (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Andy Blueman – Sea Tides (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2009 on the Sea Tides E.P.

One great element in this track was the buildup. The buildup was certainly a complex mixture of bassline, chord synth, white noise, pads, and even a melody buildup to name a number of things. While it was highly complex, it was very well crafted and realized.

The breakdown also had incredible flow. the way elements faded out and the sound went to the string was very smooth and nicely done.

Once the build-up starts happening, it isn’t immediately obvious at first, but the main melody does fade in. The sound in and of itself was very well done not just in the main synth, but the subtle bassline and the gradual lead in of all the elements that were previously heard.

The climax was quite a thing to heard though. It has that euphoric vibe to it. This is only enhanced as you hear the gradual subtle changes to the main melody.

The final breakdown was also nicely done and drawn out. Because this track sounds so good, you almost don’t want this track to end, but it does end in such a way that it’s nicely long, but not drawn out to the point of the track dragging. So, a very well done portion of the track.

I honestly can’t find anything wrong with this track. The only criticism I can possibly hear some people saying is that some of the synths have been used so much in other tracks, but at the same time, the way it was handled, I don’t think that criticism has any impact on the overall sound in this case.

In my opinion, this was an excellent track. It was incredibly well crafted from beginning to end. The euphoric vibes you can get from this track are phenomenal. The melody was excellent. I think it’s essential listening if you want to know a great example on how good trance music can sound.


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