Review: Classic Concentration (DOS)

By Drew Wilson

Classic Concentration was an old game show that focuses on matching items and solving the puzzle. There were a few video game spinoffs to this and this was one of them. We take a look at how well this game plays.

Classic Concentration was released in 1988 for DOS. The game is a take on the game show by the same name where players get the opportunity to play for a car.

The game is pretty straight forward. You have a board full of numbered cards. You select one to see the price that is revealed underneath. If you flip over another card with the same prize, you win that prize. More importantly, you are able to reveal a part of the board that’s underneath. If you figure out what is said underneath the board, you type in the answer hoping you not only have it right, but also that you don’t include a typo that would throw off your answer in the process.

If you win the match, you move on to the bonus round where you see a smaller board with numbers. Each card has a prize underneath it, only this time, they are names of cars. If you clear all but the dummy card, you win the featured car of the day, but you have 30 seconds to accomplish this task. So, it’s all about quick memory.

Besides that, there really isn’t a whole lot about this game to write about. You use basic keys to answer some basic questions (Y for yes and N for no for instance). Then, you use the arrow keys and the enter button to select the cards. The main goal is to beat the computer player which is moderate in difficulty.

One feature about this game is the wild cards. There are two hidden on the board. If you find one, you can select any card and it will automatically match it with where the matching prize is.

The graphics leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes, the images under the cards are so low quality, it’s difficult to discern what it is that you are seeing. For instance, one of the answers involved “ores”, but they looked like bowling pins to me. The only upside to the graphics is the reaction of the contestants where there was some apparent effort made there.

The music is also stripped to the bone. There weren’t even percussions involved. It’s just the standard sine-wave based sounds and a few beeps thrown in for sound effects. Nothing to really brag about.

Overall, this game gives you the experience of playing Classic Concentration at home. Unfortunately, there is little else about this game. The graphics are poorly done and some of the answers might not be recognizable if you are a younger individual. It could have been better produced.


Furthest point in game: Made it to the bonus round and was one match away from winning the car.

General gameplay: 10/25
Replay value: 3/10
Graphics: 2/10
Audio: 1/5

Overall rating: 32%

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