Review: Christophe-E – Hope on the Road (Uptempo)

This review covers the uptempo ambient track Christophe-E – Hope on the Road.

This track was released in 2005 online for free on the album the Sun Inside. The album also featured the track Alone in the Desert which we previously reviewed.

One prominent feature in this track is definitely the wah guitar. It reminds me of the soundtrack from Driver. As a result, the way the guitar interacts with other elements in the track, it makes me think of driving around in the city through dusty back alleys and two lane roads with the random scraps of paper flying around in the wind.

The other elements are nicely produced. It isn’t all about pushing everything to the audio limit necessarily. As a result, there’s plenty of reason to find this a more of a relaxation track, but with the guitar, it’s not to the point of just doing nothing. It’s kind of a track that sits between the realms of chilling out after a long day work and a track that you can sort of groove to while getting some personal work done. Because of how this hits a sort of niche mood, I think that will serve this track quite well.

The only real downside to this track depends on if you’ve heard other stuff from this artist. In this case, I have, and while the bassline was changed up a little so that the attack is automated to give a sort of slow trembling effect, it still sounds a lot like Alone in the Desert. The track may sound a bit too familiar even though there’s nothing wrong with the track in and of itself.

Still, I would say this was a good listening experience. This is definitely a great track – especially if this is your first time listening to this artist. It gets a thumbs up from me.


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