Review: Christian Alvestam – Departure Theme (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Christian Alvestam – Departure Theme.

This track was released in 2012 on the album Self 2.0.

The track begins with some choir and ambient elements. The bassline fades in before the four to the floor beat starts. There’s some interesting melody that was thrown. An interesting start to this one.

The biggest standout feature was the vocals. They really made this an excellent track – especially the main chorus. They certainly hit some high notes, but still maintain a great quality.

What helped make the vocals stand out were the inclusion of both orchestral and synthetic elements. They were very well layered, even if both brought to the front and subtle. It makes for an excellent audio experience.

To make this track even better, there was the inclusion of an electric guitar solo. That really gave this track dimension and made it strong from beginning to end.

What sets this track back, however, was the fact that the lyrics were hard to understand. Because of this, there was meaning that was lost. Because this track sounds so great, it actually pains me to say this.

In spite of that downside, this was still a great track in my view. It has great vocals, a nice intro, was well produced, and even has a great guitar solo thrown in. If the lyrics were easier to understand, this would have scored even higher. Still, what I am giving this one is nothing to sneeze at either.


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