Review: Psy’Aviah – Long Way (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Psy’Aviah – Long Way.

This track was released in 2014 on the album The Xenogamous Endeavour. A music video was released by the artist on YouTube. Previously, we reviewed the track Our Common End which was released on the same album. That track got a great review.

One interesting element in this track is the slower BPM. This slower pace could be more in line with what you’d typically hear in a house track. Indeed, the bassline does remind me a bit of an electro-house track, though the structure definitely makes this a synth-pop track.

The vocals were very nicely done. The non-lyrical portions really added a lot to this track. They had a very pleasant sound to them.

Probably my only criticism, and it’s only a small one, is the fact that the lyrics do get a little bit on the repetitive side of things. Still, this was only a minor problem in this track.

The synth melodies work quite well in this track. They compliment the vocal portions quite nicely and added a lot of variety to this track. The side-chained elements really added rhythm to this track.

Overall, there was a lot of pleasant elements in this track. It was very nicely produced between the vocals and the melodies that compliment each other. The only downside is the somewhat repetitive lyrics, but still, I thought it deserves a thumbs up from me. A recommended track.


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  • Yves Schelpe says:

    Hi Drew. Thanks a lot for the track review, I didn’t know these existed. Awesome! If you want a copy of our new upcoming album for review, let me know!
    Thanks for an in depth track review, it’s cool to see and read what other people think on what you produced in your little home studio :-)!

    • Drew Wilson says:

      You’re welcome! I’ve had that experience of producing music on a little laptop years ago and got those thoughts of “I wonder what other people think of this stuff if anyone out there at all even listens to it?” So, I figured I’d put my writing skills to use so that other artists could at least have that feedback floating around somewhere. Given that I was able to dabble in production myself, I could at least offer some perspective in the music beyond vague generalities that would be not only useful for average listeners, but also producers as well. 🙂

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