Review: Beauty’s Confusion – Moments Like These (Trip Hop)

This review covers the trip hop track Beauty’s Confusion – Moments Like These.

This track was released in 2004 on the album Breathe In.

The track starts off with a bit of a drum kit and some general synth. A subtle crackle accompanies these sounds as if it is off of an old record.

The vocals come in right after this. These vocals are accompanied by two synth melodies. It’s pretty easy to almost get a James Bond vibe. This is because there is that combination of seduction and beauty combined with imminent danger.

You almost don’t even need the lyrics to get that sense of mood in the track, but the lyrics really fleshes out the mood nicely. The imagery with sharks works so incredibly well. You can almost see the sharks calmly swimming by as the emotion is laid out neatly. As such, the lyrics are such a major strength in this track.

I will say that there is the addition of ghost imagery, but they almost get lost in the meaning a little because the shark images are so pronounced here. Still, the inclusion doesn’t really hurt anything here.

The inclusion of strings during the main chorus helps elevate the vocals nicely. The slower notes certainly extends that dark vibe that the track already hits nicely.

It is interesting that some scratch samples were added. While it is easy to dismiss this as being a little out of place, I think it beaks up the track nicely and adds a little something extra here. I’m not sure it helps the track a whole lot, but it by no means hurts anything either. Can’t say I disagree with its inclusion, really.

Overall, I can totally see this being the music for a Bond film intro. The darker vibes of deadly seduction is very nicely pronounced here. The imagery of sharks is very well done here. I especially like how this track contains a slower tempo as this really helps the imagery throughout the track. The melodies throughout work very nicely as well. A great track all around.


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