Review: Andy Moor vs. Michael Wilson – Control Me (Toby Emerson Unreleased Mix) (House)

This review covers the progressive house track Andy Moor vs. Michael Wilson – Control Me (Toby Emerson Unreleased Mix).

This track was released in 2008 along with two other versions.

The track starts with the standard house beat, but it also contains a very Toby Emerson electro sound as well. An effect also gradually comes in before some chopped vocals. Towards the end of the intro, an additional melody is also introduced as well.

After that, the vocals are brought in before a melody is played backed by a side-chained pad. Before the drop, the vocals hit a main chorus. This certainly gives some strength to the drop that happens right after that.

When the track builds up, there are some rock guitars that help build the track back up again. When the track kicks things into gear, the melodies play out, nicely bridging the buildup and a second drop. After the second build-up, there’s more melodies, but this time, it’s lined with some subtle chopped vocals. The track hits the climax in another main chorus. After that, the track breaks down one final time.

The vocals work very well in this track. Not only do the chopped vocals add an interesting sound to the overall track, but the main chorus also makes this track a very nice one to listen to. Meanwhile, the lyrics really gives the track an interesting mood. The fierce independence and uncontrollable nature add such a nicely realized mood to the overall track.

What really sets this track apart from other tracks is the electric guitars that are used here. They give this track not only a sense of presence, but power as well. The electro effects added on top of it gives this track such a nice touch on top of it all.

Overall, this is such a great track to listen to. The lyrics and vocals give this track such a well realized emotion. The electric guitars and electro sounds mixes incredibly well here and completes the track. As far as I’m concerned, this track is a highly recommended one.


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