Review: Alkemic Generator – Wish (Interface Mix) (Future Pop)

This review covers the Future Pop track Alkemic Generator – Wish (Interface Mix).

This track was released in 2013 on the Wishful Illusion EP.

The lyrics are quite articulate in this track. They pretty much describe a desire for deep understanding in another individual. The way the lyrics are sung, there’s that hint of corruption laced in.

The synthetic melodies put in are quit good. In fact, if they were worked on a little more, I would have considered this track one of the greatest tracks I’ve heard in this genre – maybe even the best. It’s a bit disappointing that it falls short of that, but the melody is very well done in its own right still.

The evolution of this track was very well realized. I really liked how it progressed between chorus and verse.

Overall, this was a great track. This track was right on the doorstep to near perfection, but unfortunately fell short with the melodies almost taking this track over the top. Regardless, this track was still a great track to listen to and definitely worth listening to.


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