Review: Age of Love – The Age of Love (Boeing Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Age of Love – The Age of Love (Boeing Mix).

This track was released in 1990 along with three other versions.

The track starts off with some simple filtered white noise. It is automated, so the sound changes. A synth effect is layered in towards the end.

After that, the kick comes in along with a subtle synth melody. A bassline briefly makes appearances. Some voice samples are added for a little bit. From there, a synth melody is also added in. A synth effect is added in. It is layered with a choir element. Some random voice samples are also added.

At this point in time, some synth strings come in. A clap elements is layered in. Some more general voice samples are added backed by the choir element. The voice sample ducks out and the synth strings return. This does fade away and the choir element returns.

The synth string element comes back and is joined by an additional voice sample. After that, the track falls back to the bassline and synth melody. The track breaks down further and a brass element comes in. This is backed by some synth string elements. After this, the track fades out.

One thing about this track that is interesting is that it provides a very well realized atmosphere. It’s not a track that is necessarily high energy or anything that punches out. Instead, it has a more smooth and atmospheric flow where elements fade in and out. As a result, it makes for some great background music that allows you to chill out and do something in the mean time.

With so many subtle transitions, it’s easy to think of this as rather repetitive. For me, there is enough variety throughout the track to not refer to it as such. Having said that, I don’t necessarily see this as being particularly memorable either because there’s not a lot that necessarily helps to make this track stand out. It could be one of those tracks that is put in a playlist and would be a fine addition, but not something that I would point to and say, “hey, that’s a great track!”

Overall, this is a pretty solid track to chill out to. There is some interesting transitions throughout that give it an interesting flow. While it’s not necessarily repetitive by any means, there isn’t much here that makes it a real stand out track either. It is a track that isn’t a bad one to throw into a playlist, but it won’t necessarily make it something I would necessarily gravitate towards either. So, a pretty decent one all around.


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