New Feature: The Freezenet Official Wiki Now Available

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce another addition to the site. Introducing the official Freezenet Wiki!

It’s the beginning of another year. As such, we look forward to a whole lot of additional developments here on Freezenet. Since November, we’ve been working hard on this project and, quite frankly, we can barely contain our excitement over the possibilities this new feature has. We are proud to announce that the Freezenet official Wiki is now open!

You might have noticed that one button on the site navigation has been sitting there with question marks for some time. Clicking on it didn’t take you anywhere. Well, the reason why it was there is because we needed a placeholder for the link to the Wiki. Since it was so long away, we had to leave it as question marks all this time.

We’ve been working on this since November, and we have gotten to the point of offering the earliest of beginnings of this part of the website. Currently, the Wiki will focus on documenting the music that is out there. We decided to start with Trance music, however, the idea is that the site would eventually expand into other genre’s.

Now, sure, we do regularly post reviews in music. In fact, this section has been doing quite well for exposing artists who wouldn’t otherwise be known to some of you. There is, of course, inherent limitations to this. For one, there are loads of tracks we actually say “no” to for a variety of reasons. Another limitation is that it focuses on how we like the music. Of course, not everyone shares the same opinion on music as us.

So, this is where the Wiki comes into play. Rather than offering opinions on music one track at a time, the idea is that it would document everything without opinion. Ultimately, the sky is the limit.

Of course, documenting music is one thing, but documenting it in a meaningful way is something else entirely. We want to make it easier for you to find music you might enjoy and have a tool to help you better explore types of music out there. In a nutshell, it houses all of our research into music. We’ve been able to provide demonstration content for you to better understand how we can help you find music you might be interested in.

So, by browsing to the music genre page we can see a quick rundown of all available music genre’s. Yes, it only shows Trance, but expect that to expand eventually. Let’s say you want to check out Trance music, but don’t really know where to start. One way to research Trance music is to check out various podcasts that are available. So, we can click on the Trance Shows category. That page will list all the shows known and documented on the Wiki. If we choose Trance Around The World, you’ll get a list of all the shows that are available.

Now, going from there, if we choose Episode 001, you’ll get a tracklist of the show. You can even listen to the show itself as it is available on certain platforms. Let’s say I liked the track “Satellite”. So, I can click on the track Satellite where I’ll be taken to a page that contains information on the track, the different variations and remixes, and also where to buy it. If I happen to like the track and want to here more tracks like that, there are tracks that have similar sounds along the bottom. That way, I can further explore the music in both the same genre as well as other genre’s to better my musical horizons.

If I think the record label might have more music that is interesting to me, I can also click on the Anjunabeats label. That will detail some basic information such as the official website as well as a catalogue of the discography for the entire label as well.

If I want to find other record labels that primarily deal with Trance, I can also check out the Trance Labels category so I can further explore things from the label side of things.

Ultimately, this is about gaining knowledge about music for the time being. I hope to add more knowledge in it in the weeks and months ahead.

Someday, we would like to add other things like games, movies, and maybe even TV shows. Unfortunately, that is a good distance away for the time being. Still, we hope you find this new feature of the website useful.

On a side note, this is going to be the last large addition to the site. From here on out, our focus is going to be refining what we have and making existing features even better for you. So, enjoy this new feature from us!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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